Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Buried Bunny Trails

This blog has been a long time coming. CRM archaeology doesn't allow much time for blogging, so we'll see how this goes....

Why this blog? Well, we find a ton of interesting tidbits in our many projects across the Plains, and one of the side goals we’ve always had for our business is to be able to educate the public on history that is unseen. That goal is actually two-fold:  
1)  We want to share about what we do and why we do it (because if you don’t know why cultural resources are important, why would you want to protect them?)
2) We don’t like to keep the past buried, we want people to get as excited about what we uncover as we are!

As the historian of this outfit, I am always finding fascinating stories that I want to flesh out more than time allows when we’re on our projects. My bunny trails. My research buddies know I’m a sucker for them ;) Some bunny trails just become interesting bits of trivia that I can spout off in general conversation and some I make my “pet projects”.  I have a few that I’ve been gathering information on for months upon months but don’t yet have an outlet for them. Other things I pick up are are tricks of the trade as a researcher. I would love to share these with fellow archival diggers of the past – something to aid in getting around some brick walls. And other things will be general historical randomness ;) If you follow our Facebook page you'll know that we're kind of random - either by jumping from project to project, or even just something cool historical that catches our eye! So to you, dear reader, I’m extending an invitation to follow me down some of my random bunny trails.

Maybe by writing my bunny trails down in this blog, it will help me not to bury the knowledge gained once again, but help someone else discover some cool buried past!

Thanks for joining in!